Being an Activist to help the environment while you #StayHome.

So far 2020 has not been a favourable year for the world. Many calamities have struck the world, including Australian bush fires, locust attacks in India and Pakistan and COVID-19 being the worst of it. During this Global pandemic, the WHO has advised everyone to stay home and avoid social gathering in direction to end the spread of the coronavirus. With offices and schools closed, most of us are stuck at home. However, it doesn’t limit your power to help the environment and your society. 

Impact of coronavirus on the environment.

The coronavirus had both good and bad effects on the environment during these last few months. There has been a rectification in air quality due to lower greenhouse emissions. The reason behind this is reduced air travel and limited activities of large factories. But the bad news is local waste problems have emerged due to limited recycling activities, increase in consumption of take-away foods in single-use packaging, rise of illegal deforestation and poaching, etc. 

 There are diverse ways to help the environment while you stay at home. 

Avoid unnecessary water usage.

According to the guidelines of WHO, we need to wash our hands constantly to keep off germs. While doing that, we must keep an eye on the amount of water that we use. If we ignore the significance of water wastage, hundreds of litres will be wasted from each home. When we take into account the billions of families all around the world, there is a possibility of water shortage in countries like China, India, Pakistan and other highly populated regions. So keep in mind that saving water is also important as keeping your hands clean. 

Minimize the impact of online shopping.

In order to fulfill your online shopping requirements, a lot of heavy shipping is required. But you can make your shopping more efficient for not only yourself but for the environment as well by ordering in bulk. It will cost less fuel, manpower, shipping cost and plastic waste.

Try having Vegan friendly meals.

Fruits and vegetables are wealthy in antioxidants which will keep you healthy during this pandemic and they also have a lower carbon footprint. Whereas beef is 34 times more likely to cause climate pollution than beans and lentils. So try to consume less meat and give green vegetables a try. 

Be an online supporter of climate change movements.

While staying at home, you can help the environment by supporting different organisations which are working for climate change. You can become a social media activist or donate to charities. There are different causes for which you can show online support like single-use plastics, cutting greenhouse emissions, save trees and stop deforestation, helping endangered wildlife, etc.

Reduce the use of single use plastics.

Every year thousands of tons of plastic waste is produced all around the world. It has caused land pollution on a large scale and damaged countless marine life. When the plastic waste is dumped into the oceans, the chemicals in it accumulate with body tissue which causes serious lethal damage to animals, birds and fish. So try to reduce the use of plastics and use paper bags instead, when go out shopping.

Use eco-friendly products.

Another way of helping the surrounding is to use products which have lower carbon emissions. For example, using LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs can be cost effective and eco-friendly at the same time. You can additionally plant trees in your garden or use pots instead. Planting trees can be very helpful in getting rid of CO2 and provide you with clean and fresh air.

In the end where is only one thing to say, stay home, stay safe and take care of your surroundings.

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